How To Properly Care For Your Lashes

Taking proper care of your eyelashes isn’t that hard. Many people think they need tons of products to get full, beautiful lashes, but this is not true. Doing simple upkeep on a daily basis will ensure your own lashes are strong and long. You won’t need to use false lashes or any other fake enhancers to look at your best.

Brushing your lashes is important to straighten growth patters and stimulate the nutrients in the hair follicles. This will allow for more nutrients to enter the hair and let them grow longer and stronger.

Caring for your eyelashes requires that you don’t excessively try to pluck or pull at them. Using false lashes are bad for your eyelash health as they can pull at the lashes and cause unnecessary breakage. You want to avoid using these at all costs. It’s not worth one night of them looking good, and living with brittle broken lashes for the rest of time.

Don’t rub at your lashes. This causes them to twist and break. If you lashes get itchy use a soft pad to avoid an harmful motions to the hair follicles.